The Legacy of Zellig Harris:
Language and Information into the 21st Century

A Symposium at The University of Pennsylvania
Celebrating Recent Work and a New Publication

Co-sponsored by IRCS, CIS, the Department of Linguistics
& John Benjamins Publishing
17 January 2003



8:45   Welcome and Introductory Remarks  
9:00 1 Harris's categorial grammar Richard Oehrle
9:25   Discussion  
9:30 2 How much complexity is needed for language description? Aravind Joshi
CIS, Penn
9:55   Discussion  
10:00   Break  
10:15 3 From text to information by computer Naomi Sager
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
10:40   Discussion  
10:45 4 Modeling information content by minimum grammatical description Stephen Johnson
Informatics, Columbia
11:10   Discussion  
11:15 5 Formal grammar, information theory, and learning theory Fernando Pereira
Chair, CIS, Penn
11:40   Discussion  
11:45   Break  
12:00 Keynote Statistical language learning: Blending new and old approaches to language acquisition Elissa Newport
Psychology, U. Rochester
12:45   Discussion  
1:00   Lunch  
2:00 6 Distributional evidence, imperfect learning, and language change Anthony Kroch
Chair, Linguistics, Penn
2:25   Discussion  
2:30 7 Language learning without maturation Lila Gleitman
Psychology, Penn
2:55   Discussion  
3:00 8 Humans do it too: Use of lexical statistics in a probabilistic parsing system John Trueswell
Psychology, Penn
3:25   Discussion  
3:30   Break  
3:45 9 Harris and Generative Semantics vindicated: The case of German V-clusters Pieter Seuren
Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Nijmegen, Netherlands
4:10   Discussion  
4:15 10 Linguistic philosophy vs. linguistic science Francis Lin
Philosophy, St Hugh's College, Oxford
Computer Science, University of London
4:40   Discussion  
4:45 11 The syntax of science and the science of syntax Paul Mattick
Philosophy, Adelphi University
5:00   Discussion  
5:05 12 Reflections on the mathematization of natural language Thomas Ryckman
Philosophy, U.C. Berkeley
5:30   Discussion  
5:35   Reception  


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