Volume 2: Computability of language and computer applications


Foreword (Stephen Johnson)
Reflections on references to mathematics in the work of Zellig Harris (Andr Lentin)

Part 1. Mathematics and formal systems
  1. Formal grammar and information theory: together again? (Fernando Pereira)
  2. Logics for intercalation (Richard T. Oehrle)
  3. Sequence structure (D. Terence Langendoen)
Part 2. Computability of language
  1. The computability of strings, transformations, and sublanguage (Naomi Sager and Ng Thanh Nhn)
  2. Hierarchical structure and sentence description (Aravind Joshi)
  3. The computability of operator grammar (Stephen Johnson)
Part 3. Computer applications
  1. Distributional syntactic analysis and valency: Basic notions, procedures, and applications of the Pronominal Approach (Karel van den Eynde, Sabine Kirchmeier-Andersen, Piet Mertens, & Lene Shsler)
  2. Contextual acquisition of information categories: what has been done and what can be done automatically? (Benot Habert and Pierre Zweigenbaum)
  3. Text generation within sublanguages (Richard Kittredge)
  4. A distributional semantics applied to computer user interfaces (Richard Smaby)
Zellig Sabbettai Harris A comprehensive bibliography of his writings, 19322002 (E.F.K. Koerner)