Volume 1: Philosophy of Science, Syntax, and Semantics


Foreword (Bruce Nevin)

Introduction: The background of transformational and metalanguage analysis (Zellig S. Harris)

Part 1. Philosophy of Science

  1. Method and theory in Harris's grammar of information (Thomas A. Ryckman)
  2. Some implications of Zellig Harris's work for philosophy of science (Paul Mattick)
  3. Consequences of the metalanguage being included in the language (Maurice Gross)
  4. On discovery procedures (Francis Y. Lin)
  5. Part 2. Discourse and Sublanguage Analysis

  6. Grammatical specification of scientific sublanguages (Michael Gottfried)
  7. Classifiers and reference (James Munz)
  8. Some implications of Zellig Harris's discourse analysis (Robert Longacre)
  9. Accounting for subjectivity (point of view) (Carlota S. Smith)
  10. Part 3. Syntax and Semantics

  11. Some new results on transfer grammar (Morris Salkoff)
  12. Pseudoarguments and pseudocomplements (Pieter Seuren)
  13. Verbs of a feather flock together II (Lila R. Gleitman)
  14. Part 4. Phonology

  15. The voiceless unaspirated stops of English (Leigh Lisker)
  16. On the bipartite distribution of phonemes (Frank Harary & Stephen Helmreich)
  17. Part 5. Applications

  18. Operator Grammar and the Poetic Form of Takelma Texts (Daythal Kendall)
  19. A practical application of string analysis (Fred Lukoff)
Zellig Sabbettai Harris A comprehensive bibliography of his writings, 19322002 (E.F.K. Koerner)